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Winter's Challenge!

Each year starts with a fresh perspective on what I want to create but it is a slow season and prone to distractions. By slow I mean that it is challenging to work in the short and sometimes grey days until about the end of January. That's typically when the sunlight gets stronger and it feels like there is more energy to create each day. This year February presented us with weeks of snowfall and digging out. That's where a lot of energy went and that is what I mean by distractions. You never know what you'll have to do each day based on the weather. It can be delightful to have a snowy day that means you don't have to go out anywhere and yet somehow those snowy days feel like time stands still and you don't seem to get much done! So February's challenge this year has been to get the snow cleared and also get as much production done as possible. The shoveling wore me out some days but there are new things happening in the studio so optimism about a good year ahead is growing!

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